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5 Great Songs About Recovery

5 Famous Songs About Recovery

11 Dec 5 Great Songs About Recovery

We wanted to put a list together of the five greatest songs about recovery. We often forget that substance abuse can affect anyone, rich or poor it traverses all socio-economic boundaries. Whether you are mature in age or a teenager this list is sure to reunite you with these classic bands and singers and give you a new found perspective on the struggles of others.


Metallica, “Master of Puppets”

The Master of Puppets song of Metallica’s 1986 album talks openly about the drugs the band took during their sudden rise to fame. The nine minute song features a long midway instrumental section. James Hetfield, lead singer of Master of Puppets said that this track pretty much deals with drugs and how drugs control you, instead of you controlling them. More than six million copies of the album were sold. The track was regarded as the best track of this album.

Saint Vitus, “Dying Inside”

The members of the band Saint Vitus never hide anything about their drug addiction. However, dying inside is one of the rare tracks of the album “Born Too Late” that deeply embraces the band’s struggles.  The song completely focuses on the need to break free from the addictive cycle. The album went on to become their best-selling to date, and Saint Vitus prepared to release their first album in 17 years with the release of this song. Weinrich had extended periods of sobriety from drugs and alcohol over the years, but he was on the verge of losing the battle in those early days.

Jane’s Addiction, “Jane Says”

Jane Says is a non-fictional track about Jane Bainter, a management consultant who lived with Perry Farrell, lead singer of the song. The song is about Jane who was addicted to heroin. She talks about saving money for a trip to Europe (“I’m going away to Spain, when I get my money saved.”) Jane was very intelligent and knew how to act aristocratically. The song hit the top 10 Modern Rock track chart. She finally got sober in 1993 by enrolling into a Sober Living House and finally made it to Spain. Perfect example of a story with a happy ending. It depicts that recovery is possible. With the right support group and people around you to help, you dreams without drugs/alcohol can become a realization.

Amy Winehouse, “Rehab”

Every song about rehab and recovery is not always in its support. The song clearly delivers Amy’s refusal to attend rehab. The song was a big hit and ended up cracking the top 10 list in eight different countries. “Rehab” in the long run turned out to be more associated with perpetual tabloid punch lines as Winehouse’s own life went to pieces. Unfortunately, her battle with drugs came to an end too soon, but her music and iconic appearance will live on for generations to come. There is no secret Winehouse struggled with many demons, this is why it is so crucial for those struggling with substance abuse to find treatment and get help.

Billy Joel, “Captain Jack”

At first glance, the lyrics of the song Captain Jack of Joel’s album Piano Man seems to be pro-drugs. Joel insisted that it’s actually an anti-drug medley meant to promote recovery and reveal how unglamorous drug use really is. He wrote this song while sitting in his apartment and observing teenagers who were scoring heroin outside his house. The album had two dozen top 10 hits.

These songs are a compilation of great hits that depict addiction in many different lights. No matter what stage you or your loved ones are in, it is crucially important to seek treatment. Addiction is an illness and there is hope. Enrollment into a sober living house after treatment can exponentially increase your chances of remaining sober forever. Please don’t hesitate. If only Amy Winehouse had found that hope, where would she be today? Breaking even more top 10 hit charts and going platinum.

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