Constellations Recovery | Admissions
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Residents & Their Families

Constellations Recovery offers Sober Living for those 18+ years of age who have completed 30-, 60-, or 90-day inpatient, outpatient treatment, or have otherwise been cleared by a licensed professional to participate. Applicants must have a primary diagnosis of drug or alcohol abuse.


Call (800-772-3669) or email us for more information.

Referring Professionals

We want to help you deliver the highest quality care for your patients suffering from substance use disorder.

When a Resident is in need of a structured sober living environment, we will work closely with you to develop a collaborative plan of recovery.

Contact admissions today by calling (800-772-3669) or email us.

Exclusions for Residency:


  1. The individual is actively using
  2. The individual has expressed suicidal thoughts with plan or intent to execute.
  3. The individual displays extreme psychosis to the extent of hindering his/her own recovery and those of others.
  4. The individual exhibits attributes that require hospitalization such as extreme withdrawal or detoxification symptoms.
  5. Need for medical equipment may be beyond the scope of our residential living protocol, but certain circumstances may be considered.
  6. The individual cannot psychically maneuver without assistance in a residential environment.