Constellations Recovery | For Families
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For Families

Our Recovery Center is a great option for those who have completed Detox, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient, and are looking for extended care to help them transition back into “the real world”. With so many options, what makes Constellations Recovery unique? There are key qualities to look for when opting for a Premier Recovery Center that not only caters to each individual’s needs, but also aids in rebuilding family relationships, and works closely with each Resident to help them achieve meaningful long-term sobriety.


Here are four major reasons that make Constellations Recovery Exceptional:

Sober Living for Families

Complete Care: Healing the Body, Mind, and Soul

Traditional Residences emphasize maximizing sobriety while minimizing relapse. At Constellations Recovery we go beyond these principles to ensure our residents leave feeling reborn. We provide our residents with total healing. We teaching our residents coping skills to ensure complete care. We empower our residents with meditation and coping techniques to help them handle stress and the demanding responsibilities of the outside world. We provide them with gym memberships to maintain wellness and we serve them nutritious farm-to-table meals provided by our professional private Chef on staff. We also offer additional relaxation services such as massages and acupuncture. Our philosophy provides a complete healing experience to our Residents’ and their family. We also empower families with the necessary tools to help their loved one through this transition period.

Sober Living for Families

We Believe in Comfort

Most facilities provide the basic comforts of a home; a room, a kitchen, and place to rest their feet. We pride ourselves on being a Premier, Recovery Center. We are located on a beautiful three and half acre campus, only 35 miles from New York City. We help residents establish a solid foundation of recovery, which then allows them to go back to school, resume their career path, or discover a passion for a new profession. We also include luxuries such as an indoor pool and sauna. We have a grand entertainment space and recreational room, complete with a Ping-Pong table. We also include Housekeeping, Transportation to-and-from treatment, appointments, work, school, and outings. These amenities ensure our residents maximize their time with us in a healthy and energetic manner. This comfort also extends to the Residents’ family. They can be assured that their loved one will be comfortable at all times. Constant communication via weekly reports with our Case Managers ensures that we all stay connected and informed throughout the process.

Sober Living for Families

We Provide Structure

We strive to provide systematic structure to help in transitioning an individual from treatment to regular day-to-day living. This structure begins with individual case management, recovery coaching, and peer recovery advocacy. The case manager develops a plan unique to each individual and his/her family needs. The case manager also serves as a liaison between Residents’ and their Family to help build back relationships. We staff our residence 24/7 with Recovery Advocates to help our Residents throughout the transition process and also with their 12-step work. We not only emphasize the 12-step program and its principles, but we also focus on our Residents’ personal and professional growth. We schedule weekend outings to maintain an exciting and fun environment. We teach our Residents valuable recovery related skills and also life skills throughout their stay. We specifically cater to each of our Residents’ individual needs and the needs of their family. We light the way to a new beginning.

Sober Living for Families

The Overall Difference

At Constellations Recovery, we provide 24/7 staff at all times, and also maintain 24/7 surveillance for the safety of our Residents. Our Recovery Advocates are more than mentors; they truly care about each and every Resident’s success and wellbeing. Our staff members are in recovery themselves, which allows our Residents to relate to them, thus building trust and forming a solid connection. We also believe in the power and effectiveness of working with families. At Constellations Recovery we emphasize complete care, arming our residents with the necessary tools to attain long-term recovery. In conclusion, Constellations Recovery not only helps our Residents discover meaningful sobriety, but also assists family members in their recovery. We excel at assisting our Residents and their Families through our own personal experience, professional experience, and a passion to transmit the message of recovery that was so freely given to us.