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Our Founder

My name is Devin McCrossan, and I’m the Co-Founder and Director of Admissions at Constellations Recovery. Constellations Recovery was initiated from personal experience, and the longing demand for a structured Recovery Center in New York. Having been in detox’s, treatment center’s, IOP’s, Sober Living and seen numerous therapists and psychiatrists, my experience shows that aftercare helped to set me up for success, and provided me a seamless transition back into everyday life.



Throughout High School I was an excellent student. I maintained a 3.7 GPA and was a Tri-Varsity athlete. I was the captain of the Football & Lacrosse team and was being recruited in my junior year by Division 1, 2, and 3 schools. However, the strong grips of addiction pulled me down before I could debut my college career. Right out of high school I was already admitted into treatment. Over the course of 2 long years I had spent Christmas, New Years, my Birthday, My Mothers Birthday, and worst of all, Mothers Day, in treatment. The first time I went to treatment I was completely defiant against Transitional Living…4 hours later, I relapsed. After many reckless and destructive events in my life, I finally surrendered and went back into treatment.



After completing another stay at a renowned treatment program, I finally conceded that I needed to go to Transitional Living. Upon arriving, I knew I had made the right decision. After several months, and having had the opportunity to manage the house, I decided it was time to start my own career. After experiencing Transitional Living first hand, my faith grew in the appreciation of structured after-care, which was critical to my recovery.



I quickly became drawn to the idea of working in the substance abuse field. I began educating myself, participated in trainings, and started consulting and spearheading Interventions. I had the opportunity to work closely with prominent leaders in the industry, including Debbie & Brandon Knauss from Dr. Phil. I began telling my story, speaking to thousands of students in both public and private schools. I was on a mission to help create awareness, prevention and to share a solution with the still suffering addict/alcoholic.



I made the decision to dedicate my life to do the work necessary to achieve meaningful recovery. Throughout this process, I determined the need for a Recovery Center in New York. I wanted to create something that was structured, that created accountability, and that offered every service possible to ensure the Residents’ success. By combining the 12-Steps, Equine Therapy, Recovery Coaching, Peer Recovery Advocacy, Experienced Staff, and the most beautiful home and campus, it would make us unique. Now, I always strive to provide each Resident and Family with the best possible experience. I believe in the miracle of recovery, and the endless possibilities that are derived from being sober. I can say that I’ve been there, it is possible to change, and your life will forever be meaningful. I look forward to meeting you, and to see your successes while you’re with us, and beyond.

Devin McCrossan

Devin McCrossan

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Constellations Recovery

Constellations Recovery is the first sober living residence in Weschester, New York. We provide a safe and supportive sober living environment for women and men.

482 Underhill Ave
Yorktown Heights
Phone: 917-633-5895