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For Professionals

A New Approach

At Constellations Recovery we don’t believe in the old model and concept of Sober Living. We have set our sights on being involved in the recovery process, and not just a place for our Resident’s to live. With this thought process and focus, our program has developed into a continuum of care.


We offer structure so our Residents have the opportunity to use their tools of recovery they learned in treatment. We gradually transition them back into the stresses of everyday life through a phase system. We have developed this formula for a continuum of care built around an experienced staff. All of our staff is trained in a client-centered approach, CPR, and First Aid. We provide all the necessary amenities to provide a safe and healthy environment that fosters solid relationships and establishes healthy behaviors in long-term recovery.  It is our belief that structure and accountability based on trust and understanding between staff and Residents is the key to success.


Our program provides a Holistic approach, helping to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This includes addiction education, physical activities, spiritual guidance, and nutritious Farm-To-Table meals provide by our professional private chef.  Our platform is based on the 12-Step program, and includes curriculum by Stephanie Covington, Dan Griffin, and Rick Dauer. We also include Equine Therapy, Weekend Outings, Recovery Coaching, Case Management, and 24/7 staff to help ensure meaningful sobriety for each Resident.


Cookie Cutter aftercare has been unsuccessful. Here at Constellations Recovery we have set the standards for Premier Sober Living. We look for better ways to assist family members and loved ones through the process so they better understand the disease of addiction and assist them in healing as well. We want to continue working closely with the professionals who are on the front lines developing the strategies that demonstrate success and we look forward to continue working together.

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