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24 May The Facts About Narcan

It has not been long since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fast tracked the approval of nasal Narcan spray for use as an opiate antidote. The nasal spray of naloxone hydrochloride is the first life-saving medication that can stop or reverse the effects of...

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07 May Celebrity Spotlight: Jon “Bones” Jones

Jon “Bones” Jones is an American mixed martial artist and was the first UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. He is one of the youngest champions in UFC history, born on July 19, 1987. He was just 23 years old when he won the...

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Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

11 Mar Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction encompasses an individual’s uncontrollable need to consume alcoholic drinks. This addiction can vary from mild to severe in each individual case. Several signs of alcoholism include, but are not limited to: Drinking more than intended Trying to quit drinking more than once, but couldn’t stop Incessant...

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03 Dec Visiting Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Do you ever wonder how individuals with disabilities such as blindness and physical impairments get around? I am sure a lot of us have seen huggable furry companions side by side these individuals. As part of our Sober Living enrichment program we try to offer...

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18 Nov Mindfulness Series: The Health Benefits

The following topic on our mindfulness series encompasses the health benefits that can be obtained when practicing mindfulness regularly. Studies have shown that mindfulness is not only good for your mental state, but it can also have profound influences on your physical wellbeing. In a...

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