Constellations Recovery | Common Rules of Sober Living Homes
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Common Rules of Sober Living Homes

Common Sober Living Home Rules

29 Mar Common Rules of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes are transitional homes for individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorder. These houses offer individualized attention to each resident who needs comprehensive recovery support. However, the residents of the house need to follow certain rules and contribute towards household chores. Every sober living house is different and so are some of their rules, but here are some common ground rules they all stand by.

Common House Rules

Keep in mind no two sober living homes have the same types of residents, some may very by age group, others by gender. Some houses are simply sober living residences that are safe and where no drugs or alcohol are allowed. Some houses also offer ongoing support, and other activities to help residents in their recovery.

Some common sober living home rules are:

Cleaning of communal areas of the house have to be taken care of by the residents of the house. Regular household chores are assigned to the residents on a rotational basis. This helps get them re-accustomed to a routine and maintaining responsibility.

2. House Meetings

It’s mandatory for the residents to attend all house meetings. In these meetings, residents will be assigned chores, share their grievances, and discuss any and all recovery progress they chose to share.

3. Meal Preparation

Meal preparation and planning grocery shopping is assigned to the residents on a rotational basis as well. This is an important life skill that is imperative for residents to learn and will help them beyond their stay at sober living.

4. Guest Visits

Residents are not permitted to have overnight visitors in the house. The guests can visit the resident only after getting approval from the staff of the sober living house.

These are a few common rules that almost every sober living house follows. These rules will help you in becoming responsible, autonomous, and accountable. Some sober living residences offer special amenities to residents to help them thrive in a supportive, inspiring and sober environment. Make the choice today and start your journey to long-term sobriety!