Constellations Recovery | Recovery Road | New TV Show Depicting The Harsh Realities of Addiction
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Recovery Road | New TV Show Depicting The Harsh Realities of Addiction

Recovery Road TV Show

14 Apr Recovery Road | New TV Show Depicting The Harsh Realities of Addiction

Recovery Road is an American drama TV series based on the novel “Recovery Road” written by a teenager, Blake Nelson in 2011. The hour-long series revolves around Maddie Graham and how she transforms herself from a drug obsessed and alcohol addicted teen to a mature young woman who ends up going to College and maintaining a sober life. The story is about this party girl and an addict who has to make the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts in a rehab facility. It’s a drama beautifully written around this young girl and the daily pressures of her teenage life.

The TV series focuses on strung-out high school teens and how they maintain sobriety. The whole story revolves around Maddie, a role aptly played by Jessica Sula. Maddie is 17-years old and is a party animal addicted to vodka and cocaine.

Life of Maddie Graham at Sober Living

The show starts with Maddie partying-hard one night, and she blacks out. She doesn’t remember anything like where she parked the car or where she kept her backpack with her laptop. Soon, she gets expelled from school because of keeping vodka in her water bottle and stashing it away in her locker.

Her guidance counselor, Cynthia (played by Alexis Carra), issues an ultimatum to Maddie. Maddie has to go to detoxification treatment for 24 hours and joins a 90-day sober living house while continuing to go to school during the day, or she will be kicked out of school for good.

At first, Maddie denies her addiction problem, but then she agrees to go to rehab in order to not get kicked out of school. However, she plans to keep her sober living hidden from her peers and her boyfriend. So she gets sent away to this fictional rehab, Spring Meadows, for drinking and rage. She is the youngest resident of this sober living residence and doesn’t like to be controlled by anyone. Soon she finds out that her ex-best friend, Rebecca is also living in the same sober living home after getting arrested by local police for doing drugs and being dragged off the school campus in handcuffs.

Madeline despises living in sober living and plots an escape plan with her friend Trish to go to the movies. During one of her escapades, she meets Stewart, another sober living resident from a different residence. They begin to fall for each other. The story carries on and eventually both of them get released from the sober living facility and Maddie begins to live a life of sobriety.

Link to Reality & Sober Living

This story might be a work of fiction but it does touch on some important points related to addiction, recovery, and sober living. There are few scenes in the series where 12 steps and AA programs are portrayed expertly and covered nicely in the script with meaningful phrases. It shows how a sober living home helps Maddie to take her life seriously and encourages her to follow the path of sobriety. It convinces her that she doesn’t need the influence of drugs to be happy in life. Happiness can be gained by living a sober life.

This show is quite entertaining and connects to a young-adult audience’s mind-set perfectly. You can check the first three episodes of this series here.