Constellations Recovery | Residential Life
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The residence at Constellations Recovery is more than an elegant array of walls, furnishings, and fixtures—it is the beacon that aligns and inspires the community towards long-term sobriety.

24/7 Onsite Supervision

At Constellations Recovery, our caring staff is onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to supervise our Residents and keep them safe.


Our onsite Recovery Advocates provide transportation for all of our Residents. Once they progress through our program, they will take a more autonomous approach to their transportation needs. Train stations are located in nearby areas for the convenience of our Residents.

Money Management

We ask that families deposit $100-$200 per month into an ancillary account for the use of their loved ones for any personal needs, outside of what is included in our program. Resident monetary accounts are handled by our Constellations Recovery Case Managers, and are distributed to the Resident upon request for specific items or needs. Typical expenses include, but are not limited to prescriptions, haircuts, doctor’s co-pays, personal item purchases, etc. Teaching Residents about money management is a critical component to our program. Management of their funds will be strictly managed by Constellations Recovery Case Managers, and are gradually relinquished to the responsibility of the Resident as they progress through our program.

Internet & Media

In addition to large flat screen TVs in common rooms, we provide premium cable services and high-speed Internet access throughout both Residences. We also have a full size Ping-Pong table, board games, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and provide a gym membership for all of our Residents. We also provide a fully stocked Chef’s kitchen and many more amenities to keep our Residents relaxed and comfortable during their stay.


Residents will be allowed to use their personal computers at Constellations Recovery. If stipulated by the referring facility that they are not allowed personal laptops, Constellations Recovery will provide a workstation with a Mac desktop computer, all-purpose laser printer, and high-speed internet available for personal use.

Cell Phones

Residents are allowed to possess their personal cell phones, unless otherwise stipulated by the referring facility. If the resident does not have a cell phone, there are telephones accessible in the house for their personal use, if needed.


Residents will have the liberty to mail or receive letters, packages, etc. from loved ones and family. The mail will be picked up and distributed daily by our staff.


Residents must show proof of prescribed medications by their primary physician in order for them to be allowed. Medications will be strictly managed and self-administered.


Families are encouraged to visit with their loved ones on the weekends.


Constellations Recovery has a laundry room onsite and no change is required for the use of these amenities.

Nicotine Products

We allow our resident to smoke in designated smoking areas, but we discourage it whenever possible. We try to provide our residents with the proper education and will help Residents trying to quit via proper education and possible alternative options.