Constellations Recovery | Employment
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At Constellations Recovery, we work with our Residents to help them enter, or re-enter back into the work force. We assist our Residents with writing resumes, cover letters, preparing for interviews, and aid them with their job search. Our staff is here to help our Residents achieve their employment goals.


It’s important for everyone to feel they have a purpose, and we understand that. Recovery is about improving all areas of one’s life. Therefore, we make it a point to support our Residents as they transition back into everyday life by expanding their career options.


Part of recovery is about learning to take responsibility for one’s actions: past, present and future. By obtaining a job and having an income, this enables our Residents become responsible and autonomous. Having a job is a discipline, which is something many people lacked in their active addictions. Being held accountable in a career is one of the many stepping-stones on the path to recovery.