Constellations Recovery | Top 5 Books About Addiction
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Top 5 Books About Addiction

Top 5 Books About Addiction

23 Dec Top 5 Books About Addiction

If you love books and enjoy a good read, then grab your blanket and curl up to these great books about addiction.

Black Out

Black Out is a journal written by Sarah Hepola. The story revolves around a single, independent, motivated woman who believes recklessness is synonymous to feminism and freedom. It’s a chronicle of her alcoholism, specifically her tendency to drink to the level of blackouts. It is about Hepola and how she went from booze-hungry teen to binge drinking college girl, to hard drinking journalist. The first half of the book revolves around her hardships in life and how she found the courage to overcome her addiction. The second half is about how she gets her life back and starts to live a sober life. It’s sobriety that lets Sarah to challenge her past with humor, conviction, and clarity.


Graceland is a novel written by Chris Abani. It’s a harsh story of a father and son (Elvis) surrounded by the perils of addiction. Elvis is a teenager who is trying to leave an isolated area of Lagos, Nigeria. Chris represented violence and poverty realistically and how it affects Elvis’s daily life. Graceland touches many issues such as violence, corruption, and poverty within the country and how penniless societies are affected by them. The main focus of the story is how Elvis manages to sustain in the harsh environment of Lagos. Elvis is a complicated and sympathetic character that was tempted by a life of crime and with the guidance of his influential friends he slips into the dangerous world of Lagos.

Gun, Needle, Spoon

It’s a memoir by Patrick O’Neil, which portrays an eighteen year heroin journey through his graduation to his arrest for several armed robberies. The story begins in his apartment of Marina District, where San Francisco Police arrest Patrick and his girlfriend, Jenny. His imprisonment leads him to recovery and rehabilitation, which transforms him into a person whose aim is not only a sober life, but also to never return to a life of crime.

Delicious Foods

Delicious foods is a novel by James Hannaham. The story is about Darlene, a mother and her son, Eddie. Darlene is imprisoned in a farm and is forced to work for food, lodging, and drugs offered to her. She is in sorrow due to the sudden death of her husband. The book is concentrated on desperate acts born out of drug addiction, grief, and rough terrains. “Delicious Foods” on a larger scale is an inspiring story about racism and self-destruction. The novel explains what slavery looks like in modern America.

How to Grow Up

How to grow up is a memoir by Michelle Tea. It’s a novel about how her opinion of classicism overlaps with the harsh realities of being poor and her addiction. The most surprising turn of this novel is how she gets sober. Her life story is proof that getting sober and being honest in life can be hard. The journey to sobriety and sober living isn’t an easy one but it is worth it.

We hope these above mentioned addiction themed books can bring clarity and perspective and help you succeed on the path to recovery. Books portray addiction in a less glamorous and somewhat more honest scene than movies. If you enjoy reading, grab one of the page turners and look into the perspective of these author’s stories, some of which are based on their real-life experiences.