Constellations Recovery | Visiting Guiding Eyes for the Blind
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Visiting Guiding Eyes for the Blind

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03 Dec Visiting Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Do you ever wonder how individuals with disabilities such as blindness and physical impairments get around? I am sure a lot of us have seen huggable furry companions side by side these individuals. As part of our Sober Living enrichment program we try to offer our residents a look not only at their own way of life, but also at others. We encourage our residents to join as volunteers in various areas of public service, charities, and even dog kennels.


Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a nonprofit organization aimed at providing guide dogs to people with vision loss or severe impairments, as well as service dogs to autistic children. They are passionate about connecting exceptional furry friends with people and families in order for them to achieve greater independence.


Constellations Recovery was happy and honored visit their kennel, located in Yorktown Heights, for a tour and a look behind the scenes at how Guiding Eyes makes all of these wonderful services possible. The kennel currently houses about 100 male and female Labradors with a few German Shepherds. We were lucky enough to get up close and personal with these furry friends while on the tour.


Studies have shown that spending time with animals or even owning pets can help people suffering from various mood disorders and depression. We try to stimulate our resident by having them spend time outside our facility and engage them in activities that will help them feel enriched and happy.


Guiding Eyes for the blind is an organization that runs solely through donations and volunteers. We were truly grateful for the tour and appreciate all the great work they do.


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