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Volunteering With A Purpose

Helping Hands 2015: Mission Backpack Event

19 Aug Volunteering With A Purpose

Helping Hands 2015: Mission Backpack Event

Constellations Recovery spent this week giving back to the community. Our Residents and staff were able to give back and support such a wonderful organization on an amazing mission.

This past August 17th and 18th, Helping Hands of Rye organized the Mission Backpack event. The goal was to organize and assemble 2,050 school backpacks with brand new back-to-school necessities. This would help benefit and support underprivileged children from shelters and transitional arrangement homes that wouldn’t otherwise have the means to buy their own school supplies. Helping Hands’ mission is “to address the problems of the hungry and homeless in Westchester County, raise community awareness of their plight and determine a course of action to help.” That is exactly what mission backpack was all about.

The event took place at Resurrection Church in Rye, New York. We started filling backpacks at around 10am in the church basement, where everyone was happy and thrilled to be involved. Volunteers of all ages showed up to help. The environment was invigorating with everyone smiling, including church members, other organizations, and even children.

The layout of the basement was split into two long tables filled with various school supplies, including calculators, note pads, pencils and crayons. Two sets of backpacks were filled, one for elementary aged children, and another set for upper school teenagers. In less than two hours, we filled 2,065 backpacks!

Helping Hands of Rye did an amazing job of getting everyone together and even provided snacks and beverages to all of the volunteers. We look forward to participating in this wonderful event again next year. Here is what some of our employees had to say about their experience…

Constellations Recovery Team Testimonials:

Today we participated in Mission Backpack. It was wonderful to see people there so eager to help. I enjoy helping people because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the petty problems that we focus on today, when there are real issues in the world.  I have never had to worry about whether or not I would show up on the first day of school without supplies, and I realize that I am extremely lucky for that.  Because I am able to help, I want to.  It gives me a chance to think of others, and I like being able to bond with other like-minded people that truly care. It was wonderful to participate in an activity where everyone freely volunteered their time to help strangers that we will probably never meet.  All in all, I had a fantastic experience and look forward to doing it again next year!  I know the kids who receive their backpacks are going to love them!”

Helen Lipson (Recovery Advocate)

“It was an amazing scene, being among everyone who came out to help assemble these backpacks. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to help and to be part of a company that supports community service. I am a true believer that every little bit helps and these kids will get a chance to go to school with brand new supplies. That to me is amazing! I look forward to participating in this event again next year”

Liana Roa (CR Executive Assistant)

Finding the opportunity to help others doesn’t always present itself in such a defined way as this. Knowing that some child will be able to walk into school with some pride and the knowledge that people in this world care about them, is a great feeling. Helping others allows me to be grateful for the things in life that go unnoticed so much of the time. When I’m helping others my problems seem a thousand miles away and so insignificant compared to what others have to deal with on a daily basis.”

Michael Householder (Resident Coordinator)

In the U.S. alone more than 2 million children will experience homelessness at some point in their lives. Every bit helps and organizations like Helping Hands aims to support in even the smallest of ways. So many children wont have the means to go to school with the necessary supplies to be successful. Just one backpack will make a difference for one child. Today, this organization along with volunteers helped make a difference in the lives of at least TWO THOUSAND children. Now that is cool!

If you missed out on attending one of the two days scheduled for packing, please be sure to donate at Your donations will help countless shelters and transitional arrangements so children can go to school with brand new backpacks and school supplies.

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