Constellations Recovery | What to Do After Rehab?
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What to Do After Rehab?

What to do After Rehab

08 Dec What to Do After Rehab?

Making it through rehab is a great achievement. Here’s what you need to do after inpatient treatment:

Get a Treatment Plan and Stick to it

Inpatient rehabilitation offers a discharge plan to patients upon leaving. The details can vary for each patient depending upon their situation. It’s imperative to have a treatment plan before getting discharged from rehab. There have been some impressive developments in the after care sector after the advent of sober living homes. Nowadays, most of the rehab facilities suggest enrolling into a sober living residence after treatment.

Evaluate your Living Situation

The list of questions includes: Is the individual living in a part of town that encourages his/her addiction? Is he/she staying with people who use drugs/drink? Living in an unhealthy environment increases the possibility of a relapse.

Find Sober Friends

Find sober friends. Get to know them; get to know their life experiences. Their reactions to various situations is the key to understanding sobriety.

Find a Support Group

Finding a support group means finding a network of people who can help you through difficult times. The key is to find people, whether a former addict or not, who can be with you to lend you a hand.


Exercise is the easiest thing to start, but hard to maintain. Regular exercise releases endorphins that further reduce cravings. Healing the body is as important as healing the mind. Exercise will increase your physical strength whereas endorphins will work on your mental conditions. Walking for 20 minutes a day will have a great impact on your mind. It enhances the heart rate and increases your overall health.

In conclusion, we understand that life post-rehab can be quite challenging but with the help of sober living programs, support groups, and numerous addiction recovery organizations, you can recover!

Constellations Recovery

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